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You Soften Toward Him


Prashant Iyengar was born 02 July 1949. Join us in offering him our best wishes, and enjoy some food for thought as poet and yogi Jane Munro reads for us her poem on Prashant, from her visit to Pune in 2014. The poem, ‘You Soften Toward Him’, arose from her time observing his class. Jane tells us…

I’ve benefited from wonderful stays at RIMYI in 2009, 2011, 2014 and 2017, and each time, I took a number of classes with Prashant. His classes were always full; his followers devoted. All along, I’ve had have friends – mostly yoga teachers – who’ve said they love Prashant and really like his approach to teaching. I’ve also read some of his books. But it wasn’t until this incident – this morning in Pune in 2014 – that my own heart opened to his teaching. My last class at RIMYI in 2017 was one he taught. Recently, I’ve listened to several of his online classes, which I’ve enjoyed and found thought-provoking.


Below, you can read the poem and listen to Jane’s reading.




Jane Munro is an award-winning Canadian poet and dedicated yogi.  She lives in Vancouver, British Columbia, and practises Iyengar yoga at The Yoga Space.  This poem is from her new poetry collection, Glass Float (Brick Books, 2020). To learn more about Jane and to find more of her poetry, go to:

Note: An earlier version of this post appeared in July 2020.  Thank you to Jane for sharing her thoughts once again.

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