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Volunteer Opportunities

Our Association stands on the shoulders of our volunteers, who plan events, coordinate activities and training, respond to members’ inquiries and concerns, and build short term and long-term development plans that all members benefit from. Every year we are looking for enthusiastic, energetic volunteers to join the Board and to offer their unique perspective, skills, and vision to help steer the Foundation to everyone’s benefit.

There is no greater gift than your time. Volunteering is a rewarding endeavor that provides insight and personal enrichment, and we cannot accomplish anything without your support.

There are numerous benefits to volunteer on the Board. You will get insights into the challenges and inner workings of the Association. Your input and efforts will shape the Association for the future. All those things you always wanted the Association to offer will become possible because of you.

What is it like to be part of the Board?

We have a Board of twelve members now, though the number is not fixed. We are a group from across the country who keep IYAC running. We meet online every two months to keep each other informed of progress on projects and issues. The meetings are generally about an hour and a half long. We do our meetings in English, but we would like to have some French speakers too who are bilingual and could help us keep our French and English-speaking communities together. Due to the long Covid hiatus, most of us have not met each other in person. We have become friends and colleagues online using Zoom. Most Board roles require a commitment of two to three years.


What is it like to be on a Committee?

We have Committee members who have taken on volunteer roles that are not Board roles. Committee members are not usually at the Board meetings, but they report to the Board when needed. We rely on committees to help us accomplish various tasks and projects that are short term or long term.


What Roles Need to be Filled this Year?


The Secretary is part of the Executive of the Board of Directors. He or she ideally has a working knowledge of Microsoft Word, Excel, Microsoft 365, and Zoom. The Secretary arranges Board meeting dates, prepares agendas for Board meetings and takes minutes at the meetings before distributing them to the Board for approval. After approval, the Secretary sends the minutes to the Web Chair for posting on the Website. The Secretary collects and compiles Annual Reports for Board members and Committee Chairs and compiles these into the Annual Report distributed to members prior to the AGM.

Web Chair

The Web Chair is a member of the Board of Directors who oversees the development and maintenance of the website, and who updates the news and liaises with Communications and Professional Development, working closely with the Board and the web hosting company. Ideally, this person has a working knowledge of Word Press and possibly Woo Commerce, although not necessary.

Woo Commerce Manager

This Committee Member reports to the Web Chair and is part of the Web team. They are not necessarily on the Board. The Woo Commerce Director maintains e-commerce for IYAC/ACYI including membership payments, orders, and e-signed documents. They work closely with the third-party hosting company.

MS Office 365 Manager

This person does not have to be on the Board but should have some knowledge of the MS Office 365 or is willing to learn.

Insurance Registrar

The registrar can be a Committee or Board member who negotiates insurance rates and coverage for the Association and its teaching members. He or she purchases insurance for the Association and provides an opportunity for certified teachers and apprentices to purchase their insurance through the Association’s website. The annual insurance policies expire annually on July 7. Tasks for the Insurance Registrar are divided into two periods:

  • April to July 7 preparing for renewal (approximately 10 hrs/week)
  • July 7 to April overseeing insurance communications (approximately 1 hr/week)

Communications Committee Chair

This Board member oversees the Association’s Communication portals (social media, website, online Journal, events, emails to members) to keep members informed and to promote Iyengar Yoga to a broader audience. He or she, in conjunction with the Communications team, generates content to share via social channels and reaches out to members for submissions, and organizes and proofs material. The Chair liaises with other committees regularly in planning special events.

Mail Chimp Manager

The Mail Chimp Manager is a member of the Communications Team and may be a Board or a Committee member. He or she sends emails to members via the Mail Chimp program and ensures that correspondence translated for both English and French when necessary.

Legal Advisor

IYAC needs the help of a volunteer lawyer from time to time. This person is not on the Board or on a Committee, but rather is a person who we can consult if legal questions arise.


Are you willing to help?

We are a working Board and everyone on the team has some area of responsibility. We are hoping to find enthusiastic members, either teachers or students of Iyengar yoga, who wish to contribute to our community and help it grow and thrive. Please consider offering your skills and knowledge and some of your time to assist in the growth of our lively community. Without volunteers, we cannot function.

If you would be willing to help, send an email to the President:

It would be most helpful to have your names as soon as possible so that you have the opportunity to shadow the current member who can show you the ropes. Thank you.

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