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The Trademark License Agreement

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All Certified Iyengar Yoga Teachers (“CIYT”) are required to sign the Trademark License Agreement in accordance with the IYAC/ACYI By-Laws and an agreement with RIMYI.

All Iyengar Yoga Teacher Apprentices (“IYTA”) are required to sign the Word Mark License Agreement. This allows them to use the word ‘Iyengar’ when describing their training, style of teaching and classes, all to be conducted under the guidance of a mentor(s) and subject to the terms of the Agreement.

Only Certified Iyengar Teachers (“CIYT”) who have been granted permission from RIMYI may use the word ‘Iyengar’ in conjunction with their business name. Applications are available in the Members’ Documents section of the IYAC/ACYI website.

What is a Trademark License Agreement (“TMLA”)?

For CIYTs, the TMLA is a Certification Mark Agreement that they sign when they became teachers. In successive years, all Iyengar teachers in good standing must sign and pay the annual fee of $50 for the use of the two Certification Marks and the use of the word “Iyengar” to describe their teaching, training, and classes.

For Apprentices, the TMLA applies only to the word “Iyengar”. All IYTAs must sign their version of the TMLA every year that they are Apprentices for the annual fee of $10. Signing the agreement allows all IYTAs, in good standing, to use the word ‘Iyengar’ to describe their teaching, training and classes.

The Trademark License Agreements are available for review in the Members’ Document section of the IYAC/ACYI website.

When will I sign it?

The annual Membership and the TMLA agreement have now been combined in one payment. After signing, it may be downloaded for your records.

How do I sign it?

The Trademark License Agreement is included with the Membership renewal. Read it, click through the agreement and sign either with your mouse on a computer or with your finger if you are using a touch screen.

Why do I have to sign it?

The Canadian Registered Trademarks regarding Iyengar Yoga were applied for by IYAC/ACYI at the request of B.K.S. Iyengar. The trademarks ensure that the yoga associated with B.K.S. Iyengar’s name reflects his lifetime contribution to the art, science and philosophy of yoga. All CIYTs and IYTAs are required to sign the agreement as a part of their commitment to uphold the standards associated with Iyengar Yoga. In return, all CIYTs and IYTAs benefit from the use of the trademarks to describe their teaching, training, and classes.

NOTE – a change has been added in the Agreement in Section 2 (License Grant) December 2021:

“As used in this Agreement, a business or place of business includes, without limitation, any domain name, web page or URL used by such business or Licensee.”

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