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Thoughts on Sutra II.32 – Contentment

Sutra II.32, on Contentment

On April 23 2002, the second of three Sutra Talks was hosted by Leslie Hogya, Sarah Bertucci, and Judith Mirus.



Participant Jana Bodiley shares these thoughts with us…




It’s a big topic: how do we find a state of contentment in our daily lives? No matter the circumstances. 


There’s always an opportunity to practise: our daily lives provide the context. 


This is the basis of practical yoga philosophy: we ask ourselves questions about how to apply and live the Yamas and Niyamas, the foundation of the eight facets of yoga. 


Thank you Leslie for facilitating this online discussion, bringing practitioners together from across the country, giving us a place to express and share ideas. Thank you for actively encouraging participation in a kind way, valuing all contributions, inclusiveness, no pressure, we all belong. 


The four daily virtues can be a guide for our behaviour. We looked at Santosa/contentment, one of the Niyamas, in relation to the daily virtues. We ended with a consideration of gratitude and how it relates to Santosa, being content. 


Gratitude is the key to contentment. Being content is not static but dynamic – we can switch to discontent in an instant. We learn to be aware, to catch ourselves before we get caught in a web of thought. To stay with what is real and practise Santosa every day, every hour of every day, every minute. 


Thank you for emphasizing that cultivating Santosa is a practice. As we wake up to each day, perhaps we are aware of a sense of support from the discussion – we have similar experiences and reactions. Here is connection and the assurance that we all have challenges to face, starting with our own state of mind. 



If you missed this or the first Sutra Talk, not to worry! The recordings and slides can be found on our website by clicking here.

Stay tuned for information on the third (and final) Sutra Talk which will be held in the fall!


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