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This was life-changing for me

A story of how Iyengar yoga has helped a student with severe back issues become mobile again…

In October 2018, I suffered from disc (L5-S1) prolapse and was bedridden for six months.  I then got a chance to visit RIMYI in Pune in June 2019 for 15 days.  After six days of therapy, they advised me to continue the practice wherever I go.  I had started walking by this time. I came to Toronto in August 2019 and joined special classes at Yoga Centre Toronto under the guidance of Marlene Mawhinney. This was life-changing for me.  Marlene moved me from special classes to regular classes over a period of a few classes.  The more remarkable fact was that I was living a restricted life; per the doctor’s recommendation, I was advised never to do forward bends.  However, Marlene made me move from those restrictions and guided me to start forward bends.  She said, “I’ll guarantee that nothing will happen to you.” She said that if you leave a weak area, it will become weaker.  Before every class, she asked me about my progress and the impact of previous asanas.  As a result, I reached from ‘not normal’ to ‘normal’, and now, to  ‘super normal’.  I have even started bellydancing, and it’s been a year now that I am dancing.  I never thought I would be able to dance again. I will be indebted to Yoga Centre Toronto and Marlene for all of my life. You have made a big difference in my life.

I pray for a speedy recovery for Marlene.

Ritu Verma

Ritu in Adho Mukha Svanasana
Ritu in Uttanasana without props
Ritu in Uttansana using (improvised) props
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