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Target Pose Community Practice | Tittibhasana – Firefly, “Let there be LIGHT!”


IYAC/ACYI Online Community Iyengar Yoga “Target Pose” Practice

Are you interested in exploring a pose recently added to the Level 1 syllabus from RIMYI?


Darwin Dale/Photo Researchers, Inc. C5454
Tittibhasana Plate 395, Light on Yoga










Join fellow members of the Iyengar Yoga Community to practise together virtually.
We will be exploring TITTIBHASANA (Light on Yoga, Plate #395)

Our time together is intended to give you an opportunity to practise virtually at your own pace with our Iyengar Yoga Community across the country.  Plan a balanced 50-minute practice in advance, designed for your own level, that suits your conditions and capabilities, leading to the “target pose”.

Two Iyengar yoga teachers, Sarah Bertucci from Toronto and Cynthia Palahniuk from Calgary, will be present to offer guidance during the session.

  • When preparing your practice plan, if the “target pose” is a pose that you have not been taught, consider what poses could lead towards the “target pose”.
  • Similarly, if you are unable to do the pose, consider what poses could lead towards the “target pose” and could be practised instead.
  • All participants will be on screen via Zoom and can view the other participants.
  • Participants are invited to ask clarifying questions of the hosts, if any doubts arise, during the session.
  • During the practice, participants may be asked to share a pose they are working on via a “spotlight” on Zoom, if they are interested.

  Saturday, December 9, 2023 – 1 pm to 2:30 pm ET.

FEE:  Offered free of charge to all IYAC/ACYI members.

Advance registration is required please register here(do make sure you are logged in)

To become an IYAC/ACYI member – please click here.



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