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History of Props – rods and poles

For me, prop is not only for the Asana.  It should contribute to the position of the body which in turn can let the mind be calm and state of 'Chitta Vṛtti Nirodhaḥ' be experienced.  Body is my first prop. …

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Visvamitrasana using a chair

  The chair is one of my favourite props to use in my practice.  Sometimes I use the chair for more support and stability on days when I feel  I have less energy and I find two hours later I…

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Sirsasana with a Simhasana Bench

  I go for this variation of Sirsasana with the Simhasana bench to stabilize my upper back and shoulders, which I find gives me more access to back bends and forward folds. - Kara Thorsen, Certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher

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