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Hoodoos asana

Asana in nature! Lynne Swenson, from Calgary AB, shows us Utthita Trikonasana and Chaturanga Dandasana at Hoodoos Provincial park in East Coulee AB.    

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Building strength for Nakrasana

A couple of years ago, I finally faced the challenge of developing strength for Nakrasana.  I could hold Chaturanga Dandasana just fine, but, when I tried to jump, my crocodile looked more like a slithering snake.  Friends made suggestions; none…

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Student Spotlight: Shelly Smith

  What is your name and where do you study Iyengar Yoga? My name is Shelly Smith.  I study Iyengar Yoga at Calgary Iyengar Yoga. How long have you been practicing Iyengar yoga? I have practised Iyengar yoga for 2…

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