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Spring Sadhana with Abhijata – a student’s experience

11-16 May 2021- across Canada and around the world – virtual Sadhana with Abhijata Iyengar!


Elaine Power, of Kingston ON, found her practice strengthened through this Sadhana…


I just want to express my deep, deep appreciation for the opportunity to participate in this wonderful Sadhana – to everyone involved in its organization and execution, and to the demonstrators, and of course, to Abhijata.

I first started doing Iyengar yoga in the late 1990s in Toronto with Theresa McDiarmid and Marlene Mawhinney and I learned enough from them over five or six years that for a while, I could sustain my home yoga practice when I moved to Kingston ON in 2004. Until recently, there was no one in Kingston who taught Iyengar yoga. Over time, with a child and a very busy job, my practice faded and was very sporadic. With the pandemic and the advent of zoom yoga classes, I have been able to join Barbara Young’s classes in Ottawa. It has been humbling to realize what I’ve lost over the years, but also so supportive and inspiring to participate in her classes – and to be practising again more regularly.

It has been a great opportunity, privilege and blessing to have been able to participate in Abhijata’s Sadhana. Though some of it was far beyond me, my practice has been strengthened and I have been inspired by the time together. As much as there is no substitute for in-class learning, it would have been very difficult for me to have taken six days to go to Montreal.

Being able to attend class remotely, with Barbara and with Abhijata, has been an incredible silver lining to this pandemic and I hope Iyengar Yoga Canada will consider a hybrid model for future conferences or Sadhanas.

I have been so moved by Abhijata’s warmth, sense of humour and her great kindness and love. And so much in awe to see her wisdom in practice.

I loved her observation that “Your country is so large and your props are so small!” I burst out laughing with that.

Thank you again. My deep gratitude.



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