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Salamba Sirsasana… out there and everywhere!

Asana in nature!

Jayne Lloyd-Jones of Salt Spring Island BC takes inspiration from the words of Eyal Shifroni and his thoughts on Asana in the open air to take her Asana into nature.


Eyal Shifroni: The Psycho-Physical Lab (2019) authored with Ohan Nachtomy


“Can stretching a limb bring about joy and wellbeing? Can performing headstand improve our thought process and our clarity of mind? Can bending the body forward or backward develop our personality and make us better human beings?

These questions have intrigued me for the last forty years of my yogic journey. On the surface, asana (yogic posture) practice looks very much like gymnastics, but clearly there is much more involved and, for my own part, the reply to these questions is definitively positive.

When going out in nature, to the sea shore or to the mountains, I like to take in the view upside-down in headstand or just lying on my back on a rock in Viparita Dandasana or Viparita Karani.

When doing this I see the view in a completely different way.”

Eyal Shifroni






And, Jayne in Salamba Sirsasana in nature…


Canyonlands National Park in Utah
Clayoquot Sound in British Columbia
Beddis Beach,Salt Spring Island in British Columbia



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