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RIMYI at 50 – 2024/2025 anniversary programs

A reminder about events in Pune during RIMYI’s 50th anniversary celebrations…



As RIMYI approaches its 50th year, special anniversary programs are planned from January 2024 to January 2025.


Guruji’s sadhana laid the seed
for the formation of a Yoga Institute.
With the help of his students, this fructified
in the inauguration of RIMYI in January 1975.

People visit this place
to learn asana and pranayama
but later get attached to the thread of Yoga.

As the Institute turns 50 in 2025,
let us explore the thread that connects
asana and pranayama to Yoga
and Yoga to our living.

RIMYI has planned special programmes from
January 2024 to January 2025
to mark the golden jubilee year.

Please note these programmes are in-person only.



Please click on the link below for registration


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