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Teacher Apprentice

$95.00 now, and $95.00 on December 31st each year

Becoming a Teacher of Iyengar Yoga

Certified Iyengar Yoga teachers are extremely well trained. Becoming a teacher is rigorous process in which teachers follow a program based on an international syllabus and standards set by Sri B.K.S. Iyengar.

Throughout the course of their apprenticeship, teachers:

  1. Develop maturity in their personal practice of asana and pranayama.
  2. Develop a thorough understanding of the asanas and pranayamas for teaching purposes.
  3. Gain proficiency in teaching skills.
  4. Gain a basic education in anatomy.
  5. Develop a working understanding of the philosophical basis of Astanga Yoga in the Iyengar Method.
  6. Learn the various precautions that need to be followed for students with common problems.
  7. Practice their teaching skills under the guidance of a qualified training teacher.
  8. Prior to entering a teacher education/mentorship program, a student must be a competent Iyengar Yoga student who maintains a daily yoga practice.

2020 Teacher Education Programs and Mentors July, 2020 for new Level 1 only (based on RIMY 2020 guidelines)


Antigonish County Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland: Deborah Lomond. Lisa Lelliott assists in NS and Karin Rensfelt assists in NL (long distance).

Calgary, Alberta: Margot Kitchen & Cynthia Palahniuk with Sharoni Fixler & Skjei Sharma

Collingwood, Ontario: Lori Berenz

Dauphin, Manitoba: Lisa Towson

Edmonton, Alberta: Frema Bram with Judi Mirus & Teddy Hyndman

Kelowna, BC: Krisna Zawaduk

London, Ontario: Karen Major (Sue Brimner assists)

Ottawa, Ontario: Barbara Young

Montréal, Québec: Ginette Dion, Tim Ruddy

Québec City, Québec: Marie- Andrée Morin

Sint Maarten, Netherlands, Antilles: Sylvia Guenther

Toronto, Ontario: Marlene Mawhinney, Nadia Horodynsky, Jocelyn Hollman, Sarah Bertucci, Stephanie Tencer & Suzanne Takemura. Michelle McClean & Brenda Ledsham assist.

Vancouver, BC: Louie Ettling & Patricia Fernandes

Victoria, BC: Shirley Daventry French, Marlene Linda Miller, Leslie Hogya, Ann Kilbertus & Ty Chandler.


Following a period of apprenticeship, prospective Iyengar yoga teachers go through a comprehensive assessment process to acquire their Iyengar Yoga Teaching Certification.

A panel of qualified assessors conducts each assessment where they evaluate the candidate’s asana practice and teaching skills in action. Some certification levels include a written take-home exam.

Assessments are held several times a year in various cities across Canada. You can refer to the RIMYI Certification and Assessment Guidelines July, 2020 booklet on the Iyengar Yoga Canada website in the Members Documents area for details on the assessment process.

To register for an assessment, the candidate and mentor/trainer will submit the required information and letter of recommendation via the online form found on the website under My Account, Assessment Forms. Also, pay the assessment fee (under review), which can be found at the Iyengar Yoga Canada website in the “Shop” section.

If you need further information, contact your mentor or your Regional Representative.

Certified IYAC/ACYI Teachers

There are over 330 certified Iyengar yoga teachers in Canada, as well as many apprenticing teachers. Our teachers must meet minimum teaching and professional development hours annually in order to be a teaching member in good standing and be included on the Find a Teacher listing on this site. For additional information about certified teachers in your area, contact your Regional Representative.

The Iyengar Mark is included with Teacher Apprentice Membership. Payment of this fee along with the Teacher Apprentice Membership permits the use of this Word with an R as a display logo for promotional and identification purposes.  

Each Iyengar Yoga Teacher Apprentice (‘IYTA’) member of IYAC/ACYI is required to be a Licensee of the Licensed Mark, but use of the Licensed Mark is optional. The license conferred by this Agreement does not include the right of an apprentice to use the Iyengar Mark as part of the name of the teacher’s place of business or domain name. For further clarification, the Application to use the Iyengar name in a business is available in the Members’ Documents section of the IYAC/ACYI website.   

First payment: December 31, 2022

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