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The Table of content of the IYAC/ACYI Policy and Procedures draft July,15, 2018 version prepared by Tom Leverty and Cindy Campbell. Many parts were integrated in various webpages and documents in the website.

For the full IYAC/ACYI Policy and Procedures draft July,15, 2018


Mission and Vision

To write

History and Background

To write

Privacy Policy

See page Privacy Policy page

Use of the Iyengar Name

Text from the Policy and Procedure document to include

Request the Use of the Iyengar Name for Business

Form available in the Document section

Certification Mark Information

More Text in Policy and Procedure document

Criteria and Form in the Document section – Category IYAC Policy & Operation

Organization Structure

Essential Contacts

Board of Directors

We could use the same technique as the Essential Contact method to connect the name with the membership database.

Board of Directors Mandates and Responsibilities

Well detailed in Policy and Procedure document. Should be on website

Committee Mandates and Responsibilities
Members at Large Mandates and Responsibilities
Regional Representatives Mandates and Responsibilities

Regional Representative page

Organization Chart

Now the Organization Chart is a PowerPoint document


AGM Purchases and Refunds

It is integrated in the SHOP – Product

Travel Allowance for Board of Directors and PDC

to integrate from Policy document

Finance Forms

to do from Policy document

Expense Coverage


Scholarships and Bursaries

Forms recently updated in the Document section – Category Scholarship

Corrine Lowen Memorial Scholarship Nomination Form

RYMNI Bursary Application Form

AGM Bursary


In the SHOP menu – Insurance page


We should have a page to explaine the membership.
Well explained in the Procedure and Policy document

Certified Teachers Members

Honorary Members
Distinguished Members

Teacher Trainee Members

General Members

Friends of IYAC

Membership Purchases

Visiting RIYMI

Procedures and information

Application form

Archives and Library

Archives page not connected to a menu yet

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