With regard to the IYAC/ACYI requirements to attend studies at RIMYI in Pune, the following decisions were agreed upon at this year’s Professional Development meetings.
A one-month long visit to Pune is mandatory for those wanting to go on to higher levels of certification.
The short seven to ten day intensives that the Iyengars have been teaching in December can serve as a visit to Pune. Thirty hours of study with one of the Iyengar’s ONLY (i.e. not another Iyengar teacher from India) outside of India would also be eligible. These would be acceptable as long as, at minimum, there is one official/mandatory, month long study at RIMYI.
Only direct teaching hours from a conference in the west, from a member of the Iyengar family, will count towards a second or third Pune visit outside of Pune.  For example, many of you attended Abhijata’s workshop at the IYNAUS convention, which was 17.75 hours of study with one of the Iyengars: this would be considered a little more than half of the required 30 hours which constitute a month at the institute.
Questions about this policy and ways to meet PD requirements in general may be directed to Jocelyn Hollmann .
Deborah Lomond
Karen Major
Co-Chairs, Professional Development Committee