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New! Education and Assessment Roundtables

Introducing IYAC/ACYI’s Education and Assessment Round Tables

The Professional Development Committee (composed of mentors and assessors) and the Professional Development Steering Committee (the former Professional Development leadership group) have been refreshed. The previous large Professional Development committee has now dissolved. Two round tables have taken its place.

  • The Education Round Table, (currently comprised of 12 members and 3 leaders), and
  • The Assessment Round Table (currently comprised of 4 members and 1 leader).

The Education Round Table plans educational activities for students, teachers, assessors, and mentors.

The Assessment Round Table is responsible for the practicalities surrounding assessments and certification.

The two round tables communicate openly as their activities take shape and evolve. A representative from each round table sits on the Board of Directors and will facilitate communications between the round tables and the board. These representatives are currently Jocelyn Hollmann (Assessment Round Table) and Regan Tataryn (Education Round Table).

From time to time, the Education and Assessment Round Tables will communicate via email with all mentors and assessors, so they are abreast of news and developments related to education and assessment.

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