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More reflections on Sadhana with Abhijata Iyengar…

11-16 May 2021- across Canada and around the world – virtual Sadhana with Abhijata Iyengar!


Amongst the many participants in our Sadhana with Abhijata were several teachers and students from Pathway Yoga in Ottawa ON.  Barbara Young, the senior teacher at Pathway Yoga, has kindly shared with us several reflections from her students on their experiences. These were first published in Pathway Yoga’s recent newsletter…

“The Intensive with Abhijata inspired me in so many different ways. Her zeal for teaching every last detail she received from Guruji, and the humility and clarity with which she imparted this knowledge inspires me to put my best foot forward in every asana. The Pranayama lessons gave me a better understanding of the subtleties and nuances of the subject. Listening to her recounting stories of her time with Guruji is a gentle reminder to myself that Yoga is not just on the mat, but touches all aspects of my life, and reminds me to act in accordance with the yamas and niyamas in everything I do.”

“Attending Abhijata Iyengar’s 6-day Intensive was one of the highlights of the COVID pandemic! I would never have had access to her direct teachings otherwise and was very grateful to be able to participate. She was very humble and personable, and I learned a lot, but the biggest benefit was learning that a consistent practice, regardless of how I feel beforehand, is important. A few mornings before class was supposed to start, I didn’t want to sign in and participate because I didn’t feel like it…. I made myself go anyway! I was always pleasantly surprised that I felt much better afterwards. I hope to use this to have a more consistent home practice! I was also super impressed by the IYAC/ACYI coordination to put the intensive together and I felt like I was a part of the IYAC/ACYI community, even though I was new. Wonderful!”

“Abhijata has inspired me to commit more devotedly to Iyengar yoga and my home practice. Abhijata’s great wisdom, compassion, humour, incredible knowledge, and abundant love – for her grandfather, her students, her children – were evident throughout the intensive. Even if I never fulfill my desire to travel to the Iyengar Institute in Pune, I feel now that I have had a flavour of what it is like and I am deeply grateful to Abhijata and to all those involved in the organization of the intensive. It was especially inspiring to see how Abhijata literally juggled her children while continuing to teach in her calm, focussed manner. I don’t think there could be any better advertisement for the benefits of Iyengar yoga in living our everyday lives!!!”


“I was very impressed with Abhi’s teaching. Her knowledge is vast, she is so articulate and she is very down to earth. I loved the gentle and patient way she dealt with her young son when he wandered into the camera’s frame.  Participating in the workshop re-emphasized to me the brilliance of the Iyengar approach – the structured curriculum, the formal method of training teachers and the focus on alignment and exposing students to different layers of understanding and execution of poses as they become more experienced.  I’ve participated in other workshops over the years, and while each teacher has their own approach, one never leaves at the end thinking “well, that was really different”.   More layers are added, there are new ideas or areas of focus to think about, and our understanding and appreciation of the Iyengar yoga Body of Knowledge is expanded.”

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