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Meet new IYAC/ACYI President Linda Shevloff



At the recent IYAC/ACYI AGM, a new slate of Directors was elected to the Board overseeing the organisation. This included a new Director in the role of President.  Many of you will have read earlier this year that Linda Shevloff was granted the Honorary Member Award, given each year to a member of IYAC/ACYI who, amongst other things, has made significant contributions to the organisation and to the fostering of Iyengar yoga in the community.  Linda continues in this spirit by taking on the role of President of IYAC/ACYI.

Linda has been teaching Iyengar yoga since the early 1980s, first in Victoria BC, later in Hong Kong, and now in Vancouver BC. During this time, she was instrumental in establishing the national Iyengar yoga association for Canada. In particular, she developed the examinations that were part of the earliest teacher assessment programs. While in Hong Kong, she worked closely with Mr. Iyengar to establish the first association in Asia, all the while maintaining her involvement with the Canadian association. Once back in Canada, Linda continued to teach and to contribute to the Iyengar yoga community through her work on IYAC/ACYI’s Professional Development Committee.

At the time of the Honorary Member Award, Linda and Leslie Hogya participated in an interview with Deanna Oliphant, then IYAC/ACYI Communications Chair.  This interview provides insights into Linda’s yoga journey and her thoughts for the future.  You can watch a video of the interview here.


We wish to sincerely congratulate Linda in her new role as President of the Board of Directors of IYAC/ACYI, and thank her for her ongoing contributions to our community.

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