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Level 1 Assessment Questions:

Type concise answers to the questions below, in point form, numbered to correspond to each question, and prefaced by a restatement of the question and upload to online application form.

  1. How long have you been practicing and studying Iyengar yoga? Include: where, when, main teacher(s).  If your mentor is from a different country, where, when and for how long have you been studying with him/her.  Note:  In order to apply for an assessment in Canada, you must also have a Canadian teacher you are working with that is willing to recommend you.
  2. Briefly describe your apprentice experience.
  3. Describe your asana practice: frequency, duration and content.
  4. Describe your pranayama practice: frequency, duration, and content. Has your mentor been able to observe you teaching pranayama on more than just a few occasions?
  5. What are the strengths and weaknesses of your practice?
  6. Describe your Iyengar Teaching history. List the number of classes and number of students per class.
  7. Candidates who are currently working with physical limitations that reflect on and affect their practice and teaching must include a full description of these limitations with this application. Working with one’s limitations is inherent in the practice of yoga and should not deter one from sitting the assessment.  Are you currently working with any physical limitations?
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