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Intermediate Junior I Assessment Questions

Concise answers to the questions below, typed clearly, in point form, numbered to correspond to each question, and prefaced by a restatement of the question. Upload to online application form.

  1. What is your current certification? Include where, when, and whether you have been certified in another country.
  2. How long have you been teaching Iyengar yoga?
  3. Describe your asana practice: frequency, duration, and content.
  4. Describe your pranayama practice: frequency, duration, and content.
  5. What are the strengths and weaknesses of your practice?
  6. Describe your Iyengar teaching history. List the number of classes, levels, and location(s) at which you presently teach.
  7. Have you taught regularly since your previous certification? Provide details.
  8. Do you have special knowledge, experience, or training that may augment your teaching?
  9. Have you taught seminars or workshops at which you were teaching students other than your regular students? If so, give details.
  10. Give a record of your attendance at public classes or intensives at RIMYI, including month(s) and year(s).
  11. Describe your current process of continuing education. Be specific: include what you have done, where it took place, or how long, and with whom.
  12. Provide details of your participation in IYAC/ACYI or any other yoga association in which you have been a member.
  13. List conventions, conferences, or national meetings that you have attended.
  14. Are you currently involved in training Iyengar yoga teachers? For how long? By yourself or in a community? Who is the senior teacher monitoring your teacher training?
  15. Teachers who are currently working with physical limitations that reflect on and affect their practice and teaching must send a full description of these limitations along with the application. Honouring one’s limitations is inherent in the practice of yoga and should not deter one from sitting the assessment. Are you currently working with any physical limitations?
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