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Insights on first ‘target pose’ community practice

Leslie Hogya
(Victoria BC) and Sarah Bertucci (Toronto ON) hosted our first community practice on Saturday June 18 2022, via Zoom.

Leslie provides some insights on this event.

The idea of the community practice was inspired by the first assessment completed under the new Pune protocols, held online in February 2022. Under the new protocols, the assessment begins with the candidates and assessors practising together.  The participants all agreed this was a good way to break the usual assessment tension. No clipboards; no marks!

To provide a focus for the 1.5-hour community practice, we decided to use a ‘target pose’. This target pose would be posted on Zoom an hour in advance and participants would prepare a 1-hour yoga practice leading towards that pose.  This preparatory practice should be a balanced practice at the participant’s own level and appropriate for their own conditions and capabilities, while leading to the target pose.  

B.K.S. Iyengar in Urdhva Dhanurasana, from Light on Yoga


For this first community practice, we picked Urdhva Dhanurasana as the target pose.





While we had intended to post the target pose an hour ahead of time, a communication glitch prevented us from coming online until 30 minutes before the start.

We learned that participants were not sure what to expect in this community practice.  In future, we will endeavour to explain it more thoroughly. Basically, the purpose is to spend an hour together across the country in our own practice, but all working towards the same pose.

After Sarah led the invocation, we encouraged people to practise towards the target pose. Ten minutes before the end of the hour, we notified people to start winding down and do a final pose. Then Leslie led the group in Savasana.

This allowed ten minutes for questions and debriefing.

People had a positive response.  We were able to answer some practical questions about sequencing for backbends. ‘Thank you’ to Louie Ettling (Vancouver BC) who gave a quick demo of a pose someone had glimpsed on screen.

Many thanks to Inga Norkute (Calgary AB), who was our IYAC/ACYI tech host.



There are plans to do another community practice soon.

Join in next time and see old friends and colleagues in their own Zoom room!




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