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Farewell to Rocks

Jill Golick, a long-time Iyengar yoga student in Toronto ON, and her groins tell us about their yoga journey in a delightful animated video essay.

Jill says:

So much about my practice has changed since the pandemic began. I have found incredible comfort on my mat and have been able to develop a very strong home practice.  And as you can tell from the video, I am very much inspired by my practice. I have never been much of an artist and this is my first time animating anything… but in order to express all of the thoughts that yoga is stirring up, I’ve had to learn new ways to tell a story!

You can view the video here.

A few notes from the video:

  • Workshop with Abhijata Iyengar: 6-day Virtual Sadhana in May 2021 (sponsored by IYAC/ACYI)
  • Mary and Eddy: virtual workshop with Mary Obendorfer and Eddy Marks of Iyengar Yoga San Diego
  • Suzanne Takemura: Iyengar yoga teacher in Toronto
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