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Callout for volunteers!


IYAC/ACYI is looking for a volunteer to become our new Insurance Representative. The Association negotiates insurance  coverage and rates for itself and its teaching members. It purchases insurance for the Association’s own needs and also provides an opportunity for certified teachers and apprentices to purchase their insurance through the Association’s website. 

A few details:




TIME COMMITMENT: From the perspective of time commitment, preparation for insurance renewal takes place between April and July each year. This is the ‘busy’ period, requiring some 10 hours per week of time.  The rest of the year, approximately one hour per week has been the norm.

SKILLS: Skills required include familiarity with email and Microsoft Word and proficiency in drafting and editing relevant documents and communications.

TRAINING: Our current Insurance Representative will help to train the new volunteer for all aspects of this role.

TIMING: We would like the new Representative to be in place for the start of the renewal preparation activities (i.e., April).

OTHER: The volunteer should be an IYAC/ACYI member in good standing.

WHY YOU SHOULD CONSIDER VOLUNTEERING: Support your Association and your community, and gain exposure to a new field of activity.

If you are interested in helping the Association and taking on this role, please contact Linda Shevloff, IYAC/ACYI President, via email at


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