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Break the Fear

Jane Munro, of Vancouver BC, was in Pune in December 2014 taking classes with Geeta Iyengar.  Jane tells us…

During these classes, Geeta often invoked her father’s words.  Many times, when she wanted to demonstrate a specific point, she called on her niece, Abhijata, to provide assistance.  Seeing them together in this way, one could sense the past, the present and the future of Iyengar yoga in Guruji’s words, and in his daughter and his granddaughter.


Jane, a dedicated yogi and noted poet, was inspired by her studies in Pune.  Listen below as she shares some of her reflections with us…





Jane Munro is an award-winning Canadian poet and dedicated yogi.  She lives in Vancouver, British Columbia, and practises Iyengar yoga at The Yoga Space.  This poem is from her new poetry collection, Glass Float (Brick Books, 2020). To learn more about Jane and to find more of her poetry, go to:

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