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The IYAC/ACYI Archives contain a variety of materials. Unlike IYAC/ACYI library items, they are not catalogued for lending to members.

When the Archives Committee acquires materials appropriate for lending, they are sent to the Library Committee to be copied and catalogued for IYAC/ACYI Policy and Procedures Draft July 15, 2018 45

lending.However, there are times when members request items from the archives. The most commonly-requested item is a copy of our incorporation papers. Next most popular item is the CD of archival photos.

One fascinating section of the archives contains correspondence from the days when the association was just taking shape.

Here is a list of many items contained in the IYAC/ACYI Archives. It is not exhaustive:

– Original incorporation documents

– Correspondence recounting the early history of the association

– Correspondence related to past legal proceedings against the association

– Archival photos on CD of past conferences such as Edmonton and Toronto with Guruji, as well as RIMYI intensives

– Several copies DVDs from the Penticton convention, as well as hard drives from the convention containing the raw footage that went into the making of the DVDs

– Several copies of a videotape called “Samadhi”

– Directories from over the years

– AGM minutes from over the years

– The old CIYTA seal

– Audiotapes from the RIMYI 1997 intensive

– Many years of old financial papers.

– Banners from past conferences

For additional information contact Sue Brimner – Librarian and Archives

Text from the IYAC Policy and Procedure draft 2018, July 15

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