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Adaptations in Yōgāsana


From the IYAC/ACYI Education Round Table… An opportunity for IYAC/ACYI Members

Join us for four online interactive sessions exploring āsana adaptations
to observe effects in our physical, physiological, and emotional bodies.


Learn how to adapt standing poses, forward extensions and seated poses to support overall health in practice.

  • How might the wisdom of Patañjali’s Yoga Sutras guide us in this process?
  • How might we adjust to create a healthy, stable foundation in standing poses?
  • How might we adapt āsanas to support the physiological and emotional bodies?

Explore how to adapt yoga poses for various conditions.  We will start with 4 sessions. Two will review standing poses, one forward extensions and one seated poses.  We will look at ways to support health from a physical, physiological and emotional point of view.

These will be interactive and playful sessions, suitable for all IYAC/ACYI members. We will use our body/mind/breath to cultivate our own experience and further develop our sensitivity as we try different variations to observe the effects in our physical, physiological and emotional bodies.

This is not a therapeutic class, but an opportunity to explore what may work for us and for our students.

The first two sessions will be held 05 November and 03 December 2023.

To register for the 05 November session, please click here.

To register for the 03 December session, please click here.

Not an IYAC/ACYI member? To join, click here.

Are you participating in any of these events? We’d love to hear about your experience at!

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