General Membership

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A General Member in good standing

  • is a practitioner of Iyengar Yoga;
  • does not fit within any other membership category;
  • is entitled to receive notice of, attend, and vote in the amount of one voter per Member at Meetings of Members; and
  • is not eligible to apply for the IYAC/ACYI group liability insurance.

If you have yet to do so, be sure to enter your contact details on the Create New Account page.

Membership is renewed annually at the end of the year and prorated halfway through the year for new members as follows:

  • Annual membership: $40.00 plus GST/HST

  • ​July 1: $20.00 plus GST/HST


  1. Permission to receive notice of the IYAC/ACYI annual general meeting and documents to my email address

IYAC/ACYI is required by law to provide Notice of our Annual General Meetings to every member and to provide notice that certain documents, such as our financial statements, are available on our website. We request that you consent to receive this Notice of Meeting email once a year, which will provide links to the various AGM documents on the IYAC/ACYI website.

**If you do not consent to receive this email once a year, you are waiving your right to receive the IYAC/ACYI Notice of Meeting and AGM documents**.

  1. Permission to receive general IYAC/ACYI communications to my email address
  1. Permission for IYAC/ACYI to use images of me

 IYAC/ACYI periodically uses images of members and yoga students on its website, Facebook, posters and publications (such as videos, displays, pamphlets,  presentations and any other materials produces by or on behalf of IYAC/ACYI); this includes IYAC/ACYI communications and promotional products all on any media now known or discovered in the future (“IYAC/ACYI Promotional Materials”). If your image can be identified in any IYAC/ACYI Promotional Materials, we will not use your image without your consent.

If you have provided your consent to any of the matters set out above, you can revoke your consents by writing to IYAC/ACYI Membership Registrar at

Please check the consents below, for each of the three.