Yoga for Healthy Knees

June 27, 2017

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Pathway Yoga
346 Richmond Road, Suite 203
K2A 0E8 Ottawa , ON
Phone: 613 806-9642
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Tim Ruddy

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Tuesday June 27 "17 


This workshop is intended for all with or without knee issues. The knees perform weight bearing functions as well as flexion movements. Standing with the knee bent for long periods of time stresses the knee and can damage the cartilage.  The femur and tibia roll and glide on each other during flexion and extension.  In this workshop we will focus on extending the knee in straight leg asanas both before and after working on flexion of the knee. We will work intelligently and without aggression. There will also be some focus on the hips, as without mobility and stability in this region the knees bare the strain. When something goes awry in the knees we compensate in the hips, sacroiliac, ankles and feet. We will use the knee rods for the first part of the workshop then remove them and keep the cut belts in place for the remainder.

Tim Ruddy, Quebec