Hips, Groins, Gluteus Workshop

November 25, 2018
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Event Location

Planet Yoga
1035 Saint Ambroise Loft 413
H4C 2E1 Montreal , QC
Phone: 5144736530
Contact Name: 
Tim Ruddy

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Cost of Event

Early bird fee: $50 paid on or before Nov 18 and $60 paid after Nov 18

Ways to Pay
Cash on site
Interac e-transfer to tim@planetyoga.ca
Cheque payable to Tim Ruddy.


Sunday Nov 25 10am-1pm

The hip is a ball and socket joint surrounded by thick muscles. The stability and powerful musculature of these joints are essential for standing, walking, running, dancing, etc. Good range of motion is required for these actions. Restrictions are common and affect nearby structures such as the lower back, sacroiliac joints and knee joints.  We must work diligently to soften, spread and open this crucial area of the body through proper execution and sequencing of yoga postures.
In this workshop we will work closely with the muscles of and surrounding the hip joints and groins bringing freedom to the hips, lower back, groins and knees through the practice of standing, sitting, twisting and supine postures.

This workshop is suitable for all with a regular yoga practice of at least 6 months, who have the capacity to listen and learn.

Tim Ruddy, Quebec